Belgian Chocolate wedding cakes have to be by far the most popular choice after of course the traditional fruit cake. I have created a recipe that is both rich and moist and leaves you longing for more. I never compromise with ingredients as I strongly believe that quality and taste should be 110%. I use the finest Belgian chocolate to give the richness, soured cream, and free range eggs separated to give the cake a light melt in the mouth texture. Why not indulge yourself in this wickedly tempting wedding chocolate delight! For those who prefer not to have icing, why not go for a Belgian chocolate coating. Again made from either white/milk or dark Belgian chocolate this type of cake covering is every chocoholics delight and dries with a light sheen. Although it sets, it retains elasticity so it will not crack, and has great texture and flavour. Magnum Belgian Chocolate Wedding Cake

Madeira Wedding Cakes are a good plain cake, which can be used as an alternative to a light or rich fruit cake. The Madeira cake is firm and moist, and can be flavoured to taste with a choice of fillings from either home made raspberry/strawberry jam and cream or if not simply left plain. A Madeira Wedding Cake called Belwin

Fruit wedding cakes are a very rich moist cake suitable for any celebration, but traditionally weddings. The recipe for this wedding cake is mainly made from raisins, sultanas, currants, mixed peel, cherries, flaked almonds, ground almonds and treacle which gives it it’s richness. The moistness comes from the abundance of brandy and fresh lemons/lemon juice before the baking process even takes place. Many people have special dietary needs for example, diabetes, wheat free or gluten free, this we can accommodate as we would amend the recipe to suit each individuals needs. A fruit wedding cake will last up to 12months with out being touched as long as it hasn’t been cut into. Tokyo Rose Fruit Wedding Cake

Carrot Cake is becoming an increasingly popular choice for a wedding cake whether it be one, two or three tiers. I have produced the ultimate recipe which is moist and bursting with flavours and textures. The carrots and sour cream give a rich moistness, whilst the cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and walnuts give it more of a Caribbean taste. It is a true favourite amongst my brides and will last up to a week after the wedding.

Don't forget most common Food Allergies can be accommodated

Romantica Carrot recipe Wedding Cake

Banana Cake is a beautiful lighter alternative to a fruit cake, which conjures up the taste of the Caribbean. This particular recipe is ideal for those summer weddings as it is light moist and bursting with tropical flavours. The main fruit ingredients are bananas, pineapples and oranges, whilst the roughly chopped walnuts give it it’s crunchy texture. This wedding cake tastes amazing with a frosting filling, scattered with honey coated banana chips. Banana Recipe Wedding Cake Called St Lucia

Pecan Ginger Cake is a soft moist cake which is flowing with flavours. The golden syrup ginger and light muscovado sugar gives this wedding cake it’s richness and yet it still feels light and moist to the taste. The pecan nuts give the cake a crunchy texture which compliments the flavours exactly. As with any recipe of mine I can adapt the ingredients to your exact requirements, for example if you don’t want nuts omit them from the recipe. Ingredients can be replaced on request.

A pecan Ginger Recipe Wedding Cake with Nuts called Dark Ripple

Raspberry and Lime is such an exotic wedding cake recipe, and works amazingly well. It is an extremely light zesty cake that every wedding guest will be able to manage a slice off no matter how full they are! Raspberry and Lime Starlight Wedding Cake
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