The price of your wedding cake can depend on many factors. Obviously the size, and also how much detail is required. As each one is individually designed there is no problem sticking within a budget. I have supplied single tier cakes for the smaller weddings, and five tiered cakes for the much larger wedding.


There are always ways of having a fantastic looking cake, but keeping the costs to a minimum. This particular cake was quite simplistic and less time consuming than many others with having only a single spray of roses on top.

The price for a 3 Tier of 6" 8" and 10" in a similar style would range from £390 while a 2 Tier of 6" and 10" would range from £310.

Something which is far more intricate for example the 'Amber' would start from £4.95 per cake as they are far more labour intensive, and each one is displayed on it's own individual board with a delicate flower on top. The beauty of this cake is that you can have as many as you like depending on the number of guests attending, it certainly looks truly spectacular!


Belgian chocolate cakes have been hugely popular over the past couple of years. Only the best quality of chocolate is used and simply tastes exquisit with a ganache filling which is made from pure chocolate and cream!! Every chocoholics fantasy. The costs could be kept down on this cake by ommiting the truffles around the base.
A cake in this range would start from £350.

Tropical Paradise

A couple from Tokyo ordered this magnificent three tier cake. It looked stunning with the combination of Stargazer lilies and the vibrant fushia roses which matched the brides bouquet exactly. This type of cake is a little more expensive due to the abundance of roses cascading down which certainly gives it the Wow factor!
Prices start from £410

Tokyo Rose

These prices are only guidelines and will vary depending on how much detail is required which I would be happy to discuss with you personally. The costs would also vary if there were any special dietary requirements for example: nut allergies etc. There would be a small hire charge for the stands I supply, and an extra cost if you require me to deliver and set your cake up!
This Web Page is only "A Guide" to aid estimations and should not be used as a Price List

Many happy couples have sent letters or Emails expressing their delight at the quality of wedding cake and level of service.
You may wish to read extracts from some of these on our Testimonials Page.

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