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Clares Wedding Cakes FAQ's

Does the fruit cake have to be the bottom tier?
Not at all, because the weight of the cake is taken by the dowel. The fruit cake could be the top tier if you wished.

Do I have to have nuts in my fruit cake?
A. Absolutely not, as with all my recipes if there is an ingredient you wish to omit either for dietary reasons, or simply just because you're not too keen on it then it will be done.

How many portions will I get from my wedding cake?
Depending on what size of cake you order will determine how many portions you will get. If you are having a small wedding of approximately 20-30 guests then a single tier of around 10" would be sufficient. A two tier would accommodate approximately 60-80 guests, and a three tier 6" 8" and 10" would quite happily serve up to 180 guests depending on how generous the size of portion was.

Am I restricted to having only one choice of cake?
Many brides ask me how many different choices of cake they can have. The answer is simple, as many as they wish. Each tier can be a different choice giving the guests a variety of flavours including: a rich Belgian chocolate, a lush lemon, a more traditional fruit or Madeira, a moist carrot cake, almond and raspberry, an orange and chocolate cake or strawberry and almond. The choices are endless, be daring and let your taste buds do the talking!

How will I distinguish the different types of cakes if I have individual ones?
Simple, the most effective way which will also keep within the brides colour scheme is to use a different colour ribbon around each type of cake. For instance you could use gold for the fruit cakes, ivory edged in gold for chocolate and plain ivory for Madeira cakes, that way the guests will know exactly what type of cake they are choosing.

How long will my wedding cake last afterwards?
Depending on what type of cake you choose will depend on how long it lasts. A fruit cake will last up to a year without being touched if it has not been cut into. Most sponge based cakes will normally last a couple of days before starting to "dry out". The other alternative is to freeze them. One of my brides had a four tier cake of both carrot and Belgian Chocolate one of which she froze and took out at Christmas!

Will you deliver my wedding cake?
Yes of course! I feel that the build up to the big day can be very stressful so I try to alleviate any further unnecessary stress by delivering and setting up the cake to the specified location. To be honest most people don't want the responsibility of transporting the cake let alone setting it up as depending on design, it can be quite time consuming.

I would like an impressive wedding cake but only have 60 guests, what do you suggest?
That's simple, why not have two tiers of any cake you choose, then either have one or two false tiers! Many of my brides want the wedding cake to be the centre of attention after the ceremony. False tiers will give the impression of a magnificent cake and no one will notice the difference. Each tier will be decorated identically.

You may wish to read the Guidance notes on Choosing a Traditional Tiered Wedding Cake to help you decide on imaginative variations of a traditional theme.

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