There is a growing awareness of Food Allergies and Dietry problems in the world today. It must be very dissapointing to attend a Wedding and not be able to take the traditional portion of the Wedding Cake. Sometimes it is the Bride or Groom themselves that have to forgo the cake because of allergy or food intollerance reasons.

This need not be a problem any longer. The Wedding Cake on the Right was recently baked with strict ingredient control. The cake as a whole was mixed with traditional ingredients with the exception of the top tier which was made from Wheat and Gluten Free Ingredients.

There were several people at the reception with either wheat allery or wheat intollerance. ALL commented on the quality of the cake that they were served as a Sweet from the Top Tier, particularly the moistness and texture normally compromised in wheat free recipes.

In addition to Wheat and Gluten Free, Clare is able to produce your Wedding Cake (whole or part) taking into account allergies or intollerance to the following ingredients:

  • Wheat
  • Gluten
  • Nut
  • Alcohol

If you have any of these or other special dietry problems, please contact Clare to discuss your requirements.

Wedding Cake for Food Allergies
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