A Tiered Wedding Cake can be one of the most prevalent symbols of you wedding. It will be featured prominantly in your wedding photos, and will be a focal point for your guests on arriving at the reception! Your cake can pull together your colours and wedding theme in one beautiful deliscious package, and should reflect your own personal style and taste. You don't have to stop at one flavour of cake either! Depending on whether you have a single tier, a 2-tier, 3tier or a magnificent 4-tier. Obviously this would depend on the size of wedding, and whether you intend to keep the top tier for your christening.


Many brides like to keep to the traditional fruit cake, but why not try a delicious moist chocolate truffle filled with ganache and chocolate fudge, or a light lemon sponge with a buttercream and curd filling.

A more popular choice especially this year has been my lush carrot cake. All of which can be made to accomodate the special dietry needs of diabetics and vegetarians. Each tier can be made of different cakes so everyone is satisfied, especially if the cake is going to be served as the main dessert.

Alicia wedding cake

A variety of stands are available to display your wedding cake. These range from the single base stands which come in gold or silver, square or round, to the offset stand which is designed to show off a cascading effect, to the elegance of the swan stand! All are ribboned to colour co-ordinate with the cake itself.

The larger "tree stand" can also accomodate extra sprays of hand made suagar flowers which creates a very impressive look indeed!

Courtney Wedding Cake

The shape of the cake is also very important. Round and square shapes are more traditional, not least because they're easy to cut, but don't let your imagination stop there! Many shapes are now available to enhance and give a unique look to your cake whether it be oval, hexagonal or heart shaped.

Michelle Wedding Cake

Although the soft white/ivory fondant icing is probably still the most popular medium for covering your cake, why not try something a little more exciting like a chocolate coating sauce which gives a flawless sheen, and can be made from either dark, milk or white Belgian chocolate.

Flowers can be created to match the brides identically, and also incorporate the bridesmaids colour of dress. Even though these bouquets are individually made from icing, they can be kept as a keepsake for years afterwards. The design of the cake can be as adventurous or as simple as you wish depending on the theme of you wedding.

Tokyo Rose

Many happy couples have sent letters or Emails expressing their delight at the quality of wedding cake and level of service. You may wish to read extracts from some of these on our Testimonials Page.

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