Traditional Tiered Wedding Cakes in Cornwall

Everyone automatically thinks of a traditional wedding cake as being all fruit cakes, with each tier being separated by pillars. This is not the case and there are many ways of adapting a traditional wedding cake to having a more modern look. More often than not the brides now choose exactly what she and her partner wants, where as in the past the bride would try to please the older generation by sticking with fruit cakes in keeping with the ongoing tradition. There are also many variations of actually covering the wedding cake. Again the traditionalists would have chosen white royal icing with lots of piping detail.

Cakes these days are less formal, some quite minimalistic but giving a pristine finish. For example, an alternative to the royal icing are a fondant type of icing which can be easily rolled and coloured to co-ordinate the brides colour scheme.

This type of icing has a softer finish than that of royal icing. A chocolate ganache is an excellent medium for covering your wedding cake giving it a modern rustic look, this type of covering is ideal for those who choose a Belgian chocolate cake who don’t have the desire to have marzipan or icing.

Tropical Paradise

Again you can adapt the colour by using different quantities or either white, milk or dark chocolate. You can be imaginative and transform these into great pieces of art by creating chocolates roses and leaves.

A very popular design for those who love chocolate is surrounding the edges of each tier with Belgian chocolate cigarellos. These are curls of chocolate about 4” long and are a big hit with chocoholics!

Truffle Indulgence

There are several ways of displaying your wedding cake. As I mentioned earlier the traditional way would be to separate each tier with pillars.

A more modern way to present your wedding cake would be on an offset stand. This would allow yourselves and guests to look at the cake in more detail and is an excellent way of showing of your sugar flower bouquets and detail on the cake. Another way is to stack all the tiers on top of one another, a very simple but modern look.


“What type of cake shall I choose”? That has to be the most popular question asked and the answer is easy. If you don’t want fruit choose something different perhaps a sticky Belgian chocolate, a moist carrot or a lush lemon curd cake. Before choosing take into consideration whether it will be served as a desert or to be cut later.

Many of the guests prefer something lighter after a large sit down meal. The traditional wedding cake can be as modern as you wish to make it, the variations are endless.

Make an apointment to discuss your creative thoughts and I will be happy to guide you to making a choice that will be Your Own slant on the traditional Wedding Cake.


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